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Mt. Bierstadt

Mt Bierstadt

My Son, Daughter and I drove out to Colorado on 8-6-2014 to climb a 14er, Mt. Bierstadt. On the 7th, we showed up at the trailhead at 6:30am to start our hike and about 30 minutes into our trek we got to watch this amazing sunrise. I only had my iPhone with me so this shot is an HDR shot that was done using the app Pro HDR , it’s the best app I’ve found for shooting HDR on a phone.

Big Fat Raindrops


Out at the big dam end of Beaver Lake going for the sunset when the rain cut loose, I thought it had a nice effect on the water so I risked getting the gear a little damp for this shot.

House of God


This old church was a stately building in its day, it was recently torn down along with the entire town of Picher, OK. This place has a sad history of busted mining booms and several tornadoes. The water tables were all poisoned with lead and zinc which wasn’t discovered until many of the children in town started having health issues. It is now one of the largest superfund sites in the United States and the federal government has bought everything up and leveled the town. Before they did it was a really creepy place to shoot, not only abandoned but due to all the mine tailings it kind of felt like shooting on the moon.


Screaming Lotus


This is a Lotus Elise at Road Atlanta that was patiently waiting for its driver so that it could compete in the Petit LeMans race. It ended up crashing out of competition but not before it gave it a worthy shot!

The Calm Before the Storm

This looked like the storm of impending doom.. I had to hide in this little shack shortly after taking this photo to keep the hail from knocking some sense into me (or possible out of me). The clouds were amazing throughout this storm even though it blew through quickly. The wind got pretty hard at one point and as the building started to creak and groan I wondered if it was safer inside or out!

Stormy Barn

Hanging Lake

Hanging Lake near Glenwood Springs, CO is a really amazing lake at the end of a torturous hike! The water really is this green and the falls are amazing, the bottom of the lake is travertine so they don’t allow any swimming as the oil from human skin could damage the base and cause the lake to lose it’s color. The view is worth the hike but just barely.

Hanging Lake

Ol’ Hoss

I’d like to introduce you to the Ol’ Hoss… He’s a mean old truck that saw a lot in his day. In his day he could out-haul most every truck that he hung with, he’s gruff and crass, pretty much a badass! These days his growl is worse than his bite though and he even grudgingly let me photograph him… Thanks Ol’ Hoss!


Beartooth Pass

Up on Beartooth Pass the storms roll in and out in a matter of minutes and the temperatures swing wildly, It’s one of our favorite passes and sits just north of Yellowstone National Park on the border of Montana and Wyoming. This trip was in July and you can see how much snow there still is, it’s a really great place to get a break from the summer heat.

Beartooth Pass


Biloxi Blues

Ghost train on the tracks! In downtown Springdale, AR they have a small rail yard where they keep the passenger train cars when not in use. I pulled up one night and immediately saw that the security light next to the tracks was throwing this great yellow light on the drawn curtains of the car, the movement of the clouds overhead was just the icing on this cake. :)


The Ring of Fire

ring of fire

I was setting up to shoot a sunset with a reflection in this small pond at Ward Nail Park in a little town called Lowell, AR when this monster sunset started to take place! If you look really closely you can see the moon hiding out there behind the clouds. This was really a case of being in the right place at the right time as I wasn’t expecting a sunset anywhere near this grand.

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